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How Custom Home Builders Provide Flexibility and Customisation


One of the most popular reasons new home buyers end up working with a custom builder is the flexibility and personalized options they provide.

Unlike production builds, which are often limited to a selection of two or three styles per floor plan, custom home builds offer an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to structural changes and design elements.

Here’s a look at how the flexibility and customisation of custom homes compare to a production build.

Production Builds for Efficiency, Not Customisation

modern-home-floor-plans-34By their very nature, production homes offer a low level of flexibility for making changes. This is especially the case when it comes to structural changes such as moving walls, removing bedrooms, or adding bathrooms. The limited flexibility is due to the nature of the higher volume home builder, as their often building multiple house simultaneously from a selected library of floor plans.

For production homes, clients will sometimes be offered a few pre-determined customisation options, but these changes will often incur an additional cost, if the changes are approved at all.

Custom Home Builds for True Personalisation

On the other hand, custom home builds are highly flexible, even when it comes to structural changes.

For example, we often have clients review a floor plan and realize that they need to move a wall back a few feet because their aging parents might move in and require a larger owner’s suite.

Where a production builder may not be able to accommodate your customisations, a custom builder seeks to create a one-of-a-kind personalized design that suits your family’s needs. Even better: structural changes can be made without additional charges or customisation fees. You only pay for the cost of the labor and materials to implement the change.

We’ve met with families who love a particular floor plan and want to make just a few changes to the design. We’ve also worked with other families who want to personalize their home and have a truly unique experience tailored to their specific needs and style.

The difference between these two scenarios is stark. A custom builder like LifeStyle Home Builders is able to work with both families who don’t want to make many changes as well as those who want to personalize just about everything.

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