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There are many qualifying factors for a luxury home design, each though can differ from person to person as level of luxury is a subjective measure.

luxury-home-glassWhile many would classify a home over $2 million dollars a “luxury” home, there are many things that can reflect luxury, besides a price tag. Quality of workmanship and attention to detail typically are well above standards when it comes to luxury homes. Attention to detail means the interior of a luxury home is typically finished with a luxurious look and a keen eye for detailed decor. Appliances, and interior decor should reflect a custom or handmade finish, many times the same amount of care and thoughtfulness is put in to the interior design as in constructing the home.

Before the house is even built there is also preconceived ideas on luxury based on the location. A luxury home is sometimes only a luxury home if it is built in the right neighborhood, most are closer to the city and popular community amenities. Ocean or river views are particularly luxurious locations.

Trulia, a well-known blog in the real estate industry, defines luxury as homes that have a listing price that is priced at least 4x above its metropolitan median listing price. In a study on their listing descriptions for properties in this range, Trulia discovered the trends in the luxury market when it comes to design an amenities. Since listings are usually limited by space, the words the sellers agents use is a good representation of the more important amenities as it pertains to “luxury”, that is attracting buyers attention to luxury listings.

Luxury listings now, when compared with a year earlier, were found to more likely reference over-sized windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, ceiling windows or large windows. Other prevalent features listed were panoramic views or ocean views as were outdoor entertaining areas, such as roof decks, terraces and large balconies, a feature that most luxury home builders are building as standard inclusions in their luxury home designs.

  • Roof decks +63%
  • Over-sized windows +56%
  • Terrace +42%
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows +39%
  • Ceiling windows +37%
  • Large windows +23%
  • Panoramic views +18%
  • Ocean views +18%

Luxury homes are typically finished with the durable and timeless elegance of hardwood floors, marble and granite however, there has been a trend towards using natural materials like wood, stone and glass. This shift towards more natural surfaces also can convey clean crisp designs. These finishes are always timeless rather than simply trendy. Cookie-cutter additions or template designs are never a feature. In their place are handmade or one off pieces or fixtures.

Staying stylish in a high-end home will mean every element will work together in harmony. Sticking to one style will help the home look refined and luxurious. Being consistent in reflecting either a classic, contemporary or traditional finish for all aspects including design, architecture, décor and landscaping will be important.

Modern BathroomOne luxury feature that has trending is resort-style spa bathrooms. Many luxury home designs bring the day spa feel back to the home by using heated floors, stone walls and counters and huge walk-in or open showers – wet bathrooms. Nothing says luxury quite like a hotel-style oasis day spa. Topping the list for increasing trends in luxury listings is marble baths +78% % more common in luxury listings now than a year ago.

Smart Technology

Alongside the traditional wiring of a home, luxury homes are usually wired up as smart homes. A smart home uses technology and the latest gadgetry to control parts of the house itself. Some smart technology in upscale homes rival the technology used in commercial buildings and other large infrastructure. Design and functionality fusing to help assist our everyday lives.

The networked technology in smart homes can remotely control heating and cooling in different sectors of the home, some systems can actually react to changing temperatures outside the home to better control the comfort within with total hands-free operation. Systems can lock and unlock doors and gates remotely, some even able to run a hot bath when you are commuting home after a long day at work. Smart homes are truly the automation on design and functionality for your comfort and convenience.

Opposing this, or rather more like in-sync with smart technology, is tech-free living areas. There is no doubt technology is more a part of our daily lives than ever.  With the majority of jobs in the first world involve looking at computer screens for 40 hours per week it is not surprising that many people are experiencing technology overload.

A recent study into sustainability emphasised the importance of sustainability in the constriction industry. This trend is evidenced in many luxury homes in Australia, though the use of raw, chemical-free materials to build, furnish and decorate – such as polished concrete, wooden floors and stone flooring.

Designer Closets

A truly luxurious trend has emerged in designer closets. Typically taking an entire room themselves, these designer closets transform the typical walk in robe into a showroom spec change room. Fully fitted out with floor-to-ceiling robes and shelves and marble topped island benches, even chandeliers and extravagant lighting.

large white wardrobe. 3d rendering


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