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A beginner’s guide to refinancing


When it comes to owning property, it’s important to keep an eye on what you’re paying on your home loan. In some cases, you could find a better deal by refinancing. Refinancing is about replacing an existing or outdated loan with…

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Accelerate your home ownership with 5 simple changes


We all dream of owning our homes outright, but when we sign up for a 20 or 30 year home loan it can seem like that day will never come.  Louise Tovey, Bankwest’s General Manager of Stores and Lending, sat down…

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Understanding stamp duty


Stamp duty is part and parcel of buying property in Australia. But what is it, exactly? How much is it? And where does all that cash go?Lachlan Walker Brisbane’s Place Projects says stamp duty adds to the already overwhelming costs of buying…

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7 ways to save on rent without getting a housemate


Sharing a house is a lot of fun, but there comes a day when you’ll most likely want to go it alone. But that doesn’t mean you want your solo living choice to drain your bank account. Here’s a few…

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How to: Style a holiday home


Holiday homes are an iconic part of Australian life. Whether it’s a property you own and visit on all your family vacations or a property you hire and keep going back to year on year, holiday homes hold a special…

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Reinventing density: how baugruppen are pioneering the self-made city


By Kristien Ring, University of Western Australia This is the second piece in our series, Reinventing density, co-published with Future West (Australian Urbanism). Profit-driven developments shape the housing markets of most major cities today. However, new models exist that offer greater…

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8 expert qualities that make a good real estate agent


Good real estate agents can be difficult to find if you don’t know the qualities to look for. We had a chat to some industry experts to find out what you should be looking for when scouting around for the perfect agent.…

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Tips for moving with the kids


Moving house, unsurprisingly, is one of the major stresses many people experience in life. Often more than once. It’s an even more stressful experience for children, who may have never gone through it before. Don’t neglect the little tackers. Nor…

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How to: Prepare your house for an open inspection


The finishing touches for an open house inspection can make all the difference to how potential buyers view the property, so make sure you tie up all the loose ends.  Tips to get your open house right Think of the…

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How to: Maximise your sale price when selling


Most vendors have a rough idea about how to maximise the sale price. But what many don’t realise is real estate experts have a few ‘selling one percenters’ which help secure sales.  One of the best-known names in real estate,…

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