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Making Your Two Storey House Energy Efficient


Our family recently moved to a large two storey home in Sydney, to enable The Eco Dad to be closer to his work. The commute of 2.5 hours each way, per day, was getting to be too much – for…

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Advice: Energy Efficiency Requirements for New Homes


All new homes and extensions built in Australia must meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements prescribed in the Building Code of Australia. The extent of energy efficiency measures required depend on the climate zone in which a house is located. There…

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Luxury Harmony Mountain Estate


This stunning Harmony Mountain estate was built on an oasis of serenity, beautifully situated at the top of a mountain and adorned with meticulously detailed artistry and the finest of landscapes. Hidden away through secure private gates and down past…

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Building a New Home? Two Important Tips


There aren’t many endeavors in life that will demand more of your attention, time, budget and patience than building a new home.  So many people get caught up in the whirlwind of excitement that comes with building a new home.…

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6 property settlement tips for home buyers


After celebrating success at auction or negotiating a private sale, the next milestone in your property-buying journey is settlement. Here’s what you need to know. 1. Understand settlement Property settlement is an official process usually conducted between your legal and…

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6 ways to save space in a tiny apartment


These days if you want to live within a cheap cab fare of a metropolitan area, chances are, you won’t have a lot of space. Inner-city and urban living has a smorgasbord of tempting benefits, but space is rarely one…

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10 tips to become a Gen Y property guru


At first glance it appears that the property market in Australia is a rather bleak place for potential buyers, especially Gen Y first time buyers. Dilapidated, barely standing shacks are being sold in Sydney for millions of dollars and the…

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How to: Spot a growth area


Property investors have been known to obsess about the next hotspots – and for good reason. Hotspots, if you time your entry well, can see property values grow strongly within a short period of time. This enables you to amass…

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To cut urban sprawl, we need quality infill housing displays


Geoffrey London, University of Western Australia With state governments across Australia acknowledging the need to limit urban sprawl, fill the gaps within existing metropolitan areas and build higher-density housing on selected sites, many opportunities have opened up. Demonstration projects are…

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