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Making Your Two Storey House Energy Efficient


2-storey-home-img5421Our family recently moved to a large two storey home in Sydney, to enable The Eco Dad to be closer to his work. The commute of 2.5 hours each way, per day, was getting to be too much – for both of us.

Since relocating, we have noticed that being energy efficient can be a little harder in a two storey home.

Read on to see what a fellow Eco-Mum, Joanne has to say about energy efficiency in a two storey home…

1. Ceiling and Roof Insulation

Insulation is one of the most efficient energy saving technologies to use. The amount of insulation needed for the roof will depend on the structure of the roof and access. If an attached garage doesn’t have living space above it, you can check if every wall section between the garage attic and the house is well insulated with rigid boards to reduce air leakage and heat loss. If there is a living room above the garage, ensure that its ceiling is well insulated as well. You should do some air sealing by insulating the outside walls. You can prevent most of the air transfer with a layer of blown-in cellulose insulation on the walls between the attic and the floors. Good insulation will help to bring in cool air in warm weather and warm air in cold weather.

A two storey house definitely means more ample space for you and your family; one that is built with a garage, perhaps a “bonus” kind of room over the garage, a full basement that could range from unfinished to finished, can be a haven for a big family. Each of your family members can enjoy sufficient space and have more privacy.

Two storey houses are most suitable for big families, but this could also mean high energy bills.

Do not worry as there are new technologies that can help you save  energy  such as insulation, occupancy and vacancy sensors, heating and cooling systems, double glazed windows, and many others. These technologies are designed to improve the condition of your house while offering you the best indoor living climate.

Below I’ve listed some of the technologies to consider for home improvement and energy efficiency.

2. Proper Maintenance of Heating and Cooling Systems

Your home air conditioning system can cost you a lot of money if you do not maintain it properly.

If used properly, it can make your two storey house energy efficient if you have it checked and serviced annually by a licensed and experienced contractor.

To ensure that your home air conditioning unit runs well, you should keep it shaded and ensure that it has plenty of airflow out the back of it (the part that is outside the house).

It is good practice to clean or replace the air conditioning unit’s intake filter every month to enable greater airflow. The heat that the oven produces makes the air conditioning unit work harder to cool the house.

3. Use Ultrasonic Technology: Occupancy Sensors

An occupancy sensor is one of the latest ultrasonic technologies that can make your two storey house energy efficient. It can be very easy to become forgetful of the simplest things like switching off the light while stepping out of the room or leaving the house. This can lead to a huge waste of energy.

An occupancy sensor will automatically turn the light on if the space is occupied or off if no one is occupying the space. Installing this technology in your home can help you avoid energy waste due to forgetfulness or negligence.

4. Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are very common, especially in many European buildings as they can contribute a lot to energy savings, noise reduction and insulation. Aside from providing thermal insulation, double glazed windows are 100% draft proof as well.

Home improvement and the installation of new technologies can do a lot for your two storey house.

Home improvements can reduce the use of energy for space heating, drafts, summer heating, outside noise, moisture and condensation problems, and greenhouse gas emissions. With these technologies, you can also improve your indoor air quality, and the overall comfort level of the house.

To make your two storey house energy efficient, you may consider these improvements and installation of new technologies. Using the new technologies and implementing the relevant home improvement techniques, you can transform your two story home into a haven for your loved ones while saving more and decreasing energy consumption.

About the Author, Joanne Miller:
Joanne is very passionate about everything when it comes to ecological issues and energy saving. Currently she loves to write about home improvement and new car technologies that can help save our planet. She also like to backpack travel and extreme sports. Her article can be viewed here: